Ha Le is an amazing mentor and teacher she possesses so many skills and experience through her work with children and parents that I’m sure that whatever Ha Le teaches you will benefit you through your life as a parent teacher, or through whatever life hurdle you may have. The difference between Ha Le and others is that her heart is what drives her to do what she does so it is truth and love and honesty, i am sure that through her teachings no matter who or what age will benefit from her knowledge and expertise, Ha Le knows what she is talking about and has the heart to guide her through.

Diane Ali

I have 2 children, one is 17 years old, and the other is just 1 year old. I was facing with a lot of dilemmas for raising my sons and I booked to see Ha Le and sought her advice for parenting.

For the first coaching session, Ha Le helped me to realize a lot of things that I have missed out for my parenting skills. She also helped me to understand and know what to do for my children. I was astonished with Ha Le amazing parenting coaching and I kept following her for 3 more sessions. I have gained much understanding and knowledge that a mother should know in very practical and simple ways.

 By now, I have to say that I am quite confident and comfortable with my parenting skills towards my beloved sons. I felt so thankful for  joining Ha Le in the parent coaching.

Cherry Do

Ha Le coached  me how to become a better  mother.
I love my 3 children  dearly, but really  don’t  know what the best ways to raise  them up successfully.  Ha Le coached  me how to become a better person  who makes  her children listening  to  her and I really loved this. I have  learned how to have the abilities  to teach  the skills  to my children, not only love  them, but help them to respect  me and teach them a lot of new things  without yelling, upsetting each  other.
Though Ha Le coaching,  I also realized  that I learned  a lot of new skills that are really  important such as children’s self-esteem, respecting my children,using positive communication to my children … Something I have thought  that  it didn’t matter, and Ha Le has helped me  to see things clearer, and understand the issues deeper for raising  up my children in healthy ways.  She has showed  me what I should  do, a what I shouldn’t do to my beautiful  children.

Due to the coaching, I had less  sense of feeling  guilty  to my children, and have gained a lot of confidence  when interacting with them.

In general,  I still have  a lot of things  to learn  about parenting, and I want to say  that Ha Le has had a great talent  to help  me to become  a better person, a better mother in many ways. My husband also very pleased with my progress. Before, I just had children and had no skills,  and now I had skills  for raising up them. I am so happy  and thankful  for what Ha Le has coached  me.

Fatima Mohammed

Melbourne - Vic

I did not have an opportunity to attend a parenting coaching session with Ha Le. Nonetheless, whenever we had a chance to talk, Ha Le often gave me lots of useful advice about raising kids, for example how to help my son to become more confident and independent. I have followed her advice since, and have also found that my son, who used to be very shy, has gradually learnt his way to become more self-confident when interacting with other people. All of Ha Le’ simple advises have worked amazingly with my son!!!

Tran Nguyen