I worked with Ha Le for over 4 years in her preschool centre.  I learned so much not only about educating children but also their wellbeing as a whole and how it effects their learning.
Regarding Ha Le’s care for children was that she see’s all of the children’s strengths and is always making them visible and building confidence. She always saw a learning experience in every situation and made it fun for children.
She loved to get involved in play with the children which they absolutely loved, she built trust and rapport and shows great examples for her staff to follow for serving children at their best.
Regarding Ha Le’s training for her centre’s educator was she works 1:1 with staff sharing her knowledge at any given time (not just in training meetings) and positioned staff in roles that best suited their strengths.
With Ha Le’s coaching and mentoring for educators, I know they will get a full understanding in all areas of development of children. Educators will see the importance of inclusion, children’s well being and thinking out side of the box when it comes to teaching.
Erin Hallinan

Erin Naturally

My son had lots of fun learning and playing with his preschool teachers whom, I believed had benefited a great deal from Ha Le’s training and teaching philosophy. I found Ha Le’s staff very caring and friendly, and thus I was really happy when my son was under the daily care of her staff. I had to say that Ha Le was a great leader to her preschool.

Tran Nguyen

Ha Le has a personality that is very easy to get along with ,because of the person she is she had the ability to earn the trust and support and respect from her workers to enable them to learn from her and communicate with her in a happy and positive environment

Ha Le was able to teach her workers in a way that they were also able to feel comfortable and confident with what they were learning in order to tech the children. Ha Le has an amazing talent when it comes to people and children and the more you sit and listen to ha Le the more you are eager to learn and ask more ,she is an amazing talented woman and a great mentor ,she has the heart and gift for teaching.

I believed that Ha Le is an amazing mentor and teacher for everyone who needs her. She posses so many skills and experience through her work with children and parents that I’m sure that whatever Ha Le teaches you will benefit you through your life as a parent ,teacher,or through whatever life hurdle you may have .the difference between Ha la and others is that her heart is what drives her to do what she does so it is truth and love and honesty ,i am sure that through her teachings no matter who or what age will benefit from her knowledge and expertise ,ha Le knows what she is talking about and has the heart to guide her through

Diane Ali