Christmas season was over. I loved to have window shopping and was so fascinating to look at all the gift stores. There were so many packages which displayed colourfully and delightfully from the shelf, from the glass windows. Boxes were of different size and shapes. Some of them are big; some are medium, some are small. There was one interesting fact that captured my attention. Despite sizes and shapes, each package has its price. I got fascinated with the prices of the boxes. More or less of the tiny packets could sell for three times, five times and even ten times more in comparison with the big ones. I guessed the content inside of the package set the value and quality of each box.

This observation made me relate to the parenting.

If it’s true that your love for your child makes you go on whatever you can do for his/her future- Just suppose that your love for your child is a package and it is displayed for sale. Would its trade, and if so how many people interested and excited about it and could pay for that?

Each parent has your package for parenting, and it holds its own price and value. How much is your package of parenting worth? The value of your package will shape who your child will be in the time to come.

Do you ever question how much strength, knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to your end final result of parenting? What would be in that package that you have for your child? A 10%.. 30%…. 45%… 70% parenting skills and techniques or 70%… 100%? How would you identify your level of parenting competence? How do you make through when you are performing your duty as the parents for your child at 100%?

Below are ten quick thoughts to go on developing your standard of practical parenting.

1. Hold the BELIEVED formula – act ‘as if’ what you want to receive is already here, the emotions of the achievement of being parents and you will feel the way you want to feel, and that will trigger new behaviours.

2. Encompass the ‘one step at a time’ principle – don’t over centre for tomorrow and don’t pay attention for today. Make each day a day you are proud that you are becoming to a more significant extent and more congruent with living with your values as a parent to your child.

3. Increase your attention to your child needs – think of that time is the only resource you can never get back – to spend time with your child as much as you can and put him/ her number 1 for time spent. Doing this is an invaluable investment in the relationship between the child and parents.

4. Set up your goals for what you want to accomplish as a parent to your child. Without having purposes, it will be difficult for you on the road of parenting ahead.

5. Accept challenges as the excellent opportunities for you to become better and stronger parents. This act is also an invaluable lesson that your child could download from you for his/her future use.

6. Do the job that you don’t want to do as a parent first, and this will ease your burden to move forward with your child.

7. Bring down the amount of negativity from the other parents, from television, or your own negative self-talk. If you let that scrap into your surroundings, it turns to your inner surroundings. Screen what is valuable at all costs of parenting. And that’s your mindset. Remember, you are what you think about all the time.

8. Maintain a close, trusting relationship with your child. Your relationship with him/her will reflect on how he/she acts.

9. Hold yourself engaged and do things that permit you to feel good as well, and you can give your child his/ her own time he/she needs.

10. Be the kind of person you wish your child to grow up to be.

I hope the sharing is useful and applicable. May your parenting is a precious package to your child. Wishing all parents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 

By Ha Le Thai

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