My name is Diane ali and I have known Ha Le for 18 years .We met Ha Le when my first child who is now 21 first went to childcare.
Being my first child of course I was nervous and scared to leave her anywhere but soon after letting Ha Le my concerns and worry had left and I was sure that my daughter would be well looked after and cared for.
Following my daughter I also had three of my other children follow into the care as well
I couldn’t believe how much care and thought that Ha Le and her workers showed towards all the children there especially my own .
Ha Le brought out the best in my children and was very passionate about children needs and education and their general well being .all of my four children lived being a school with Ha Le and she has taught them many things that has led them all to be young adults today ,she has helped with guiding them and showing them how to be confident within themselves and also set them up with the skills they needed to tackle their years in big school too
I’m certain if it wasn’t for all the hard work and dedication that Ha Le and her staff showed toward my children they would not have adjusted to kindergarten as best as they did.
Ha Le is an amazing woman who was always there to listen to the parents but was very in tune with all her children in her care and knew what they all needed personally to work on with in themselves to better them and help them grow into independence and to be confident in themselves too ,
Ha Le has an amazing gift with children and it shows from the minute you meet her ,it glows right through her .
All my children adored her and still often talk about her and what she did for them ,they have very fond memories of her which to me means they enjoyed and loved there time spent with her and her staff .
Ha Le is truely an amazing woman with a heart of gold for her children she is a mother to all.
Thank you
Diane Ali

My son attended a preschool centre run by Ha Le a few years ago and I found Ha Le to be a truly caring, kind and thoughtful educator. Ha Le always welcomed my son whenever he arrived at school with her warm smiles and kind words. I have no doubt that her warm interaction with my son on a consistent basis made him feel safe, calm and fully excited to start a happy day of learning and playing at the centre. Being a parent, the greatest joy at that time for me was seeing my little son coming to his preschool every morning with great excitement. I believe that my son’s positive experience under Ha Le’s preschool care has enabled him to grow and integrate smoothly into his primary education. Ha Le is truly  having  a great  gift to help  children  to be a better person. I highly recommend Ha Le for coaching to any matter that your child needs.

Tran Nguyen